So just how expensive are these procedures?  March 2017 from JN

So it not just  a specific procedure.  Everthing depends on what we are working with ( starting point and end goal.)  Some people want a drastic change and others want something more subtle. However, one thing we can assure you of--is that we are reasonable and significantly less than going under knife in operating room. We do not chart for an initial evaluation. This way we can simply assess your main concern and at that time answer all your question and discuss best treatment option to acheive your goals.  (800) SkinCare to schedule your FREE consultation.   IM

I am worried about safety.  Have your people been doing this long enough to be trusted.  January 2018 from Ilene  Simpson

At our clinic- we have physicians and Nurse practitioners performing these procedures since 2005. We have not had any issues. However, every procedure carries minimal risk. That is why it is important to discuss in detail with each patient before anything is done. This will not cost you a dime. All initial consultations are FREE of charge.  MG

What about pain ? JM  February 2018

JM - we can honestly say, "NO pain."  Although you may have heard different. We say NO pain.  After enough years doing this-- we learned enough methods to assure patients wont feel discomfort.  JR

I am more concerented about recovery time, as I dont want to miss work or look bruised.  EG April 2018

Yes, the majority of our patients get the equivalent of a "lunch time procedure", where they can then just reture back to work.  NO bruising and NO pain.  PE